Designed with quality and reliability in mind, IMEM Passenger Lifts are the

epitome of convenience and functionality. They offer a range of benefits

that can significantly enhance public and commercial buildings. From

improving mobility to creating a more welcoming and inclusive space, these

innovative lift solutions can elevate your property in numerous ways.

At Fenston & Cromwell, our dedicated team specialises in the professional

customisation and installation of the IMEM Passenger Lift. Our services are

designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic integration of this lift

solution within your public or commercial space.

Furthermore, we ensure that each installation is executed with precision,

adhering to the highest safety standards and accommodating your unique

design preferences.

With our expert assistance, you can fully unlock the convenience,

accessibility, safety features, cost effectiveness and value enhancement

that an IMEM Passenger Lift is renowned for, making your space more

efficient and welcoming for all.

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  • * Design, sizes and options created for a public & commercial


  • Fully compliant
  • Traction device with lifting belts and pulleys (no oil leakage or smell)
  • Press one time to operate the lift from platform or landing
  • The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market

Explore the IMEM Passenger Lift

Introducing the IMEM Passenger Lift – the ultimate solution for public and

commercial buildings that prioritise quality, safety, and longevity.

Tailored to excel in demanding environments such as schools, shops, and

residential buildings, this elevator is simplicity redefined.

It boasts the familiar look, feel, and performance of a conventional

passenger elevator while eliminating the need for a separate machine room,

providing users with reliable and safe access with absolute design

flexibility and straightforward usability.

Equipped with an energy-efficient traction drive and fully automatic

telescopic doors, the IMEM Passenger Lift represents a versatile,

cost-effective solution for seamless passenger transportation.

Pairing these remarkable features with Fenston & Cromwell’s expertise in

customisation and installation guarantees that the IMEM Passenger Lift

transcends being a mere functional necessity in your public or commercial


Our precise installation methods guarantee the IMEM Passenger Lift operates

flawlessly while seamlessly blending with your building’s interior,

elevating both functionality and visual appeal to ensure a top-notch user


Key Features and Functionalities

IMEM Passenger Lifts are known for their exceptional features and

functionalities that make them an excellent addition to any public or

commercial space.

A variety of sizes and design options highly suited for public environments

The IMEM Passenger Lift offers a range of sizes, design choices and door

options carefully crafted to suit the unique demands of public spaces. With

the freedom to design the elevator to your practical needs and aesthetic

preferences, you can be sure that the lift can seamlessly blend into various

architectural settings.

Installation of the IMEM Passenger Lift is straightforwardand we will be on

hand to ensure it fits seamlessly within any building. This helps reduce the

costs on the market disruption during the setup process while preserving the

integrity of the new and existing buildings’ structure.

Offers excellent long-term savings

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, the IMEM Passenger Lift boasts

some of the industry’s lowest maintenance and operating costs. This allows

building owners to minimise costs while providing them with reliable and

safe access for long-term savings.

Convenient and easy to use

The IMEM Passenger Lift offers an intuitive, one-touch cabin control system,

making it user-friendly and convenient for passengers while ensuring a

smooth and hassle-free ride experience.

The IMEM Passenger Lift adheres to rigorous European safety and construction

regulations. This guarantees the highest level of safety and quality in the

lift’s design and operation.

Why Fenston & Cromwell

At Fenston & Cromwell, our commitment to excellence in IMEM lift

installations and customisations sets us apart. Our dedicated team possesses

a wealth of expertise and experience with IMEM Passenger Lifts, backed by

specialised certifications, extensive training, and a strong partnership

with IMEM.

This collaboration allows us to deliver unparalleled service and lift

solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our track record is a testament to our capabilities, with numerous

successful projects that showcase our mastery in IMEM Passenger Lift

installations. From seamlessly integrating lifts into complex architectural

designs to tackling challenging installations with finesse, we have

consistently demonstrated our ability to exceed client expectations.

Safety is our utmost priority, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure it.

Our adherence to strict safety protocols, compliance with industry

standards, and rigorous quality assurance processes guarantee that every

IMEM Passenger Lift we install is not only high-quality and reliable but

also meets the highest safety standards.

We take pride in providing installations that enhance accessibility and

convenience while offering peace of mind.

Sustainability and Innovation

At Fenston & Cromwell, our unwavering commitment to sustainability and

innovation serves as the cornerstone of our company. We proudly integrate

the IMEM Passenger Lift into our comprehensive suite of services, allowing

our clients to make informed and environmentally responsible choices while

benefiting from state-of-the-art, high-performance lift solutions.

Our dedication to innovation is exemplified by our proactive approach to

embracing the latest in lift technology and staying at the forefront of

industry trends. This commitment allows us to provide installation and

customisation services that go beyond mere functionality while seamlessly

blending aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality.

Every project we undertake revolves around crafting personalised lift

solutions intricately tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of our


From the initial stages of design and expert installation to the ongoing

maintenance of the IMEM Passenger Lift, our team of professionals

consistently employs innovative techniques. These methods not only ensure

precision and reliability but also guarantee that every aspect of your lift

operates seamlessly and efficiently.

When you entrust your passenger lift project to Fenston & Cromwell, you’re

not merely engaging a lift installation provider. You’re forging a dynamic

partnership founded on the principles of excellence, sustainability, and an

unwavering dedication to pioneering lift solutions.

Our goal is to elevate your space, both functionally and environmentally,

for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Create a More Accessible Public Space with the IMEM Passenger Lift

Elevate your public or commercial space to greater heights with IMEM’s

dependable Passenger Lift, safely and meticulously customised and installed

by our team of experts at Fenston & Cromwell. Get in touch with us or

download a brochure today.