Once regarded as symbols of opulence, home elevators have evolved into practical and inclusive solutions for modern living. Beyond a sense of luxury, they now serve as vital components to enhance the accessibility, convenience and overall value of any residential property.

Aritco lifts embody the essence of this transformation. Designed with a focus on innovation and functionality, they can seamlessly blend into a variety of architectural designs while at the same time addressing mobility challenges and streamlining daily routines.

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  • Design, sizes and options created for a home environment
  • Minimum interventions in the house
  • ‘A’ rated energy consumption according to VDI4707
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • Environmental classification by the Swedish Sunda Hus organisation
  • Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak)
  • The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market

Aritco lifts in the UK are not only a means of accessing multiple floors, they also signify a move towards a more inclusive and forward-thinking approach to home design, where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a connected and accessible living space. 

At Fenston & Cromwell, our Aritco home lift installation services are characterised by precision and expertise, ensuring the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and modern design into every project.

Our commitment to excellence guarantees that each installation is executed to the highest standards, reflecting our dedication to transforming spaces into functional works of art.


The Aritco HomeLift is the first lift designed specifically with homeowners and their properties in mind. As well as being practical, the lift’s state-of-the-art design features a unique DesignWall which sets it apart from similar products on the market. Stunning artwork by some of Scandinavia’s most prominent designers and artists can be incorporated into the DesignWall. As a result, you can transform your home lift into not just a practical solution but also a genuine masterpiece that will grace any living space. 

When considering a home lift, customers often have concerns about the amount of available space. Fortunately, for our team here at Fenston & Cromwell, space—or the lack thereof—is never an issue. The Aritco HomeLift is designed to be space-efficient, enabling you to make the most of every square metre of your residential property.

In fact, our smallest model takes up no more space than a wardrobe! 

Furthermore, with our expert installation service, you can take full advantage of the Aritco HomeLift, ensuring that you have a lift solution tailored to the unique needs of your family.

Key Features and Functionalities 

As with the whole Aritco range, the HomeLift boasts an array of distinct features, options and functionalities that will make it the ideal addition to your property.


DesignLight is Aritco’s cutting-edge lighting technology platform that allows you to control the illumination within the elevator via the SmartLift app. Whether you would like a cosy and intimate space or perhaps something a lot brighter, DesignLight will let you create the perfect ambience as you can set the lift’s lighting according to your particular preferences.

SmartLift Enabled

The SmartLift app also lets you receive status information about your home lift in real time. Not only will it tell you when your Aritco HomeLift needs servicing, but just a few days prior it will also let maintenance engineers such as our team here at Fenston & Cromwell provide you with remote monitoring and support.

SmartSafety System

At Fenston & Cromwell, your safety is one of our main priorities. This is why the Aritco HomeLift is equipped with the company’s proprietary SmartSafety system, helping ensure your family’s safety and well-being while also preventing any accidents.


The intuitive and user-friendly SmartControl is the centrepiece of the control panel of any Aritco home lift as you can operate your home elevator with a simple turn and press.

Reliable and Tried-and-Tested Drive System

The Aritco HomeLift has a tried-and-tested, patented screw-and-nut drive system that makes it highly suitable for home environments. You will be able to operate the elevator silently and smoothly with a soft start and stop.

A wide array of designs, colours and sizes

No matter what your practical requirements and aesthetic preferences, the Aritco HomeLift has something for everyone. Available in various designs, colours and sizes, you can fully customise the elevator and transform your vision into reality.

Why Fenston & Cromwell? 

At Fenston & Cromwell, we are extremely proud of our team of skilled and hardworking professionals, whose expertise and experience with Aritco lifts set us apart as industry leaders. Moreover, you can rest assured that we hold all the necessary certifications and have undergone rigorous training directly from Aritco, thus cementing our deep-rooted partnership.

As a result of our unique collaboration and in-depth knowledge of Aritco’s products, we can seamlessly integrate their innovative lift solutions into any living space. 

Safety and reliability lie at the core of our mission. With each Aritco home lift installation, we meticulously adhere to industry-leading safety protocols and compliance measures. 

Due to our unwavering commitment to quality assurance, we are confident that all of our installations meet the highest standards. This dedication to excellence is reflected in the flawless execution of each project, providing you with a home elevator that satisfies both your practical and aesthetic needs while guaranteeing the safety of your loved ones.

Sustainability and Innovation 

Amid the growing awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving our environment, Aritco stands as a testament to both sustainability and ingenuity, exemplified by the company’s eco-friendly home lifts.

If you are looking to enhance your mobility and convenience within your home, as well as your green credentials, you should look no further than Aritco’s comprehensive product line. 

In particular, the Aritco HomeLift stands out as a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, backed by its A-rated energy consumption in line with VDI4707 standards. Designed with sustainability in mind, it utilises 95% recyclable materials, demonstrating the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. The award of an environmental classification by the Swedish SundaHus organisation further underlines Aritco’s dedication to promoting a greener future. 

At Fenston & Cromwell, we fully support Aritco’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. We share this vision by integrating the company’s cutting-edge and eco-friendly lift solutions into our services, ensuring that our clients not only experience enhanced mobility but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious way of living. 

Leveraging the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, we blend function and design to create bespoke lift solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

From Aritco home lift installation to customisation and maintenance, we integrate advanced techniques that ensure the utmost precision and reliability. 

And that’s not all. Our team stays ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving lift industry by continually learning about emerging technologies, materials and products. This commitment to staying up to date allows us to introduce innovative elements into the installation process, including smart home integration and eco-friendly and sustainable features. 

With Fenston & Cromwell, you can rest assured that your Aritco lift will be a harmonious blend of advanced technology, forward-thinking design and unmatched functionality.

Elevate Your Living Experience with an Aritco Lift 

Ready to future-proof your home and take your living experience to the next level? Discover the seamless fusion of innovation and luxury with Aritco lifts, expertly installed and customised by one of our teams at Fenston & Cromwell. For more information, please get in touch or download a brochure today! 


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