SWIFT Lite is a small house lift designed to meet the requirements of a limited budget without compromising on style and comfort. The lift is 100% battery driven with an Eco-drive system charging itself when travelling downwards.

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  • Design, sizes and options created for a public & commercial environment

    Fully compliant with European Machine directive 2006/42/EC

    Traction device with lifting belts and pulleys (no oil leakage or smell)

    Press one time to operate the lift from platform or landing

    The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market

SWIFT Lite – when space and budget are limited

Introducing the SWIFT Lite – the ultimate solution for homes with limited space and budget. Equipped with an energy-efficient EcoDrive battery system that charges itself when traveling downwards, SWIFT Lite is uniquely efficient and smart.

SWIFT Lite offers many of the same features as the SWIFT Pro, such as EcoDrive, AntiTrap, SWIFT Safety, and SWIFT Remote. The house lift features classic elevator buttons and a limited range of design options. It comes in Traffic White with a special Resin Board ArtWall, white LED sidelights, and Vinyl Black flooring. SWIFT Lite is available in 4 different sizes.

At Fenston & Cromwell, our team of experts provides customization and installation services for the SWIFT Lite. We are dedicated to tailoring each lift to perfectly align with your home’s practical needs and unique aesthetic preferences, guaranteeing a solution that improves mobility and adds a touch of elegance. Since 2024, Fenston has been part of the SWIFT Home Lift Group, ensuring direct contact with the factory and R&D.

Key Features and Functionalities 

SWIFT Lite is known for its exceptional features and functionalities that make it an excellent addition to any modern home looking for affordable luxury.

100% Battery Driven

The SWIFT Pro incorporates a battery system inspired by Tesla, charging the batteries as the lift descends. This pioneering method guarantees that every fourth trip is complimentary, and the lift maintains full operational capacity even during a mains power outage.

Budget friendly

SWIFT Lite prioritizes the essential functions and features of a home lift. Drawing from our market experience, we have thoughtfully curated sizes, colors, and features to align with the preferences of most homes, allowing us to maintain a competitive price. Features include handrails, touch buttons, ergonomic design, available in four sizes, and offered in three colors.

SWIFT Safety

Ensuring the safety of all family members, including children, grandparents, and pets, is paramount in any home. That’s why SWIFT has developed safety sensors and smart doors to prevent children’s fingers from getting trapped. Additionally, the lift is equipped with features such as child locks and options to restrict access to certain areas of your home.

SWIFT Pro also features dual safety brakes, providing complete peace of mind. Our SWIFT service team can remotely access all lifts, ensuring quick support if needed.

Furthermore, with the Tesla-inspired battery solution, there’s no need to worry about being trapped inside the lift during a mains power failure. SWIFT’s unique “anti-trap” system ensures that the residential lift continues to operate at normal speed and functionality, offering additional peace of mind.

Patented screw and nut tehnology

SWIFT Lite incorporates SWIFT’s patented screw-and-nut drive system, guaranteeing smooth and seamless operation without any oil leakage.

Requires minimal structural modifications

Installing the SWIFT Lite is effortless, requiring minimal structural modifications to your home. With a 50mm pit requirement, no need for headroom, and running on a single phase, it offers a cost- and time-efficient installation process without the need for complicated building rework

Low maintenance and operating cost

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, the SWIFT Lite boasts some of the market’s lowest maintenance and operating costs. This enables you as the homeowner to enjoy years of usage and comfortable living without worrying about expensive repairs or maintenance costs. SWIFT Lite is also connected, ensuring quick remote support if needed.

Why Fenston & Cromwell 

Since 2024, Fenston & Cromwell has proudly been a member of the SWIFT Home Lift Group, distinguishing us by offering immediate expertise and support from the SWIFT factory and R&D Team.

As a result, we stand out as your premier provider of SWIFT Pro installations, customization, and maintenance services. With a proven track record, our team boasts renowned expertise and in-depth knowledge of SWIFT’s products. Being part of the SWIFT Home Lifts Group enhances our ability to integrate SWIFT’s cutting-edge lift solutions into your spaces, drawing upon our experience and understanding of the product offerings.

Our portfolio showcases a range of successful projects that highlight our skills and capabilities. From crafting tailored lift solutions that seamlessly blend with diverse architectural styles to implementing innovative installation techniques for challenging environments, we consistently exceed expectations. These efforts have solidified our reputation as industry leaders who excel in pushing the boundaries of commercial lift delivery and installation.

Safety and quality are paramount in all our endeavors. Each step of our SWIFT Pro’s installation process adheres meticulously to industry-leading safety protocols and rigorous compliance measures. Our commitment to excellence extends to comprehensive quality assurance processes, ensuring all our installations meet the highest standards.

By combining advanced lift technology with our unwavering dedication to safety and quality, we can assure you that your SWIFT Pro will not only enhance mobility but also provide safe access and a reliable experience for every user.

Choosing Fenston & Cromwell for your SWIFT Pro project means more than engaging the services of a leading lift installation provider; it means selecting a partnership founded on excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

Sustainability and Innovation 

The SWIFT brand of residential lifts is renowned not only for its quality and innovation but also for providing environmentally friendly solutions to enhance home sustainability, boasting low energy consumption and eco-friendliness.

SWIFT Pro presents an enticing option for environmentally conscious customers. Engineered with a focus on sustainability, this battery-powered solution features a unique “4th trip for free” offer and boasts an “A” energy consumption rating in alignment with VDI4707 standards. Additionally, SWIFT Pro holds an environmental classification from the esteemed Swedish SundaHus organization. Its flooring is crafted from recycled PET bottles sourced from the ocean, and up to 95% of its materials are recyclable, underscoring SWIFT’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

In harmony with the ethos of the SWIFT Home Lifts Group, Fenston & Cromwell is committed to advancing sustainability and nurturing the environment. By integrating SWIFT’s state-of-the-art and eco-friendly lift solutions into our services, we empower our clients to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on style or performance.


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